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Our Cruises

Kefalonia Day Trips | Our beautiful sailing tours

A perfect all-inclusive, day sailing cruise from bay to bay, exploring Kefalonia and Ithaca as well as the beautiful sea life. Snorkelling, swimming, or just floating, it is your call! We set sail at 9:00am and come back around 6:00pm.

We usually go to the south-east of Ithaca but it really depends on the current wind. Routes may vary depending on weather and sea conditions. Your skipper will choose the best destination to ensure the greatest experience, every time.


Your daily cruise at a glance


  • Skipper and hostess

  • Fuels

  • Free WiFi

  • SUP (stand-up paddle)

  • Snorkelling gears

  • Go Pro action camera

  • Lunch onboard

  • Drinks and refreshments (beer, wine, etc.)


Why to book with us?


  • Number of people onboard


Because group cohesion is key for great memories and in order to guarantee a high quality of service/comfort, we don't take more than 10 guests for semi-private cruises onboard.


  • Our people, our crew


Our crew have demonstrated their value through performance and loyalty; two qualities which are highly appreciated and carefully nurtured. Professionalism and commitment with top quality service emphasises the commitment of our staff both at sea and ashore. From the beginning, we recognised that quality of service to our guests and to our employees was the way to success. Moreover, we want you to spend the greatest day of your holidays with us.


  • Onboard lunch and drinks


Drinks and lunch are included in our day cruises because we know how swimming and sailing burns calories and a proper meal is a great option along with drinks that are provided throughout the day for you to enjoy. When booking, please let us know if you have any food allergy or if there is something you'd rather not eat (vegetarian, etc). We tailors ours meals to special needs.


  • Safety and security 


The safety and security of your family, friends, other guests and crew are paramount. We take this aspect very seriously. Behaving on a sailing boat may respond to certain constraints that will be explained in due time by your crew. For your safety and security, please take into consideration our recommendations.

  • No hidden fees


Know the price, in advance, no mystery. You got our best price for a luxury service with our professional and qualified crew. 



Private charters

For private cruises, we offer a variety of destinations, tailored to your exact needs. Duration, destination, theme, we take care of it! Exact destination is subject to weather and is selected by your skipper only to ensure a safe and amazing day.


More private cruises ideas

  • A wedding proposal cruise: You love her and want to make this day special. How about a night on boat anchored in a deserted bay?

  • A few days away from everything: Because sometime, you just need to get away from everybody and rebound with your family.

  • A honeymoon cruise: An amazing full day at sea sailing in style and comfort to enjoy and create new memories in the Ionian sea.

What to take onboard?


Don't forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, swimming suit, beach towel and a hat! If you're snorkelling for a hobby and have your own gear, feel free to take them with you (even though we are fully equipped).

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